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 In this site you will find all the information and activity of ma-systems company in Asia, focusing on efficiency and profitable solutions of automated bicycle parking systems.

 Environment Systems (ma-systems) is a company with a long tradition and experience in building and developing automated two-wheeler parking systems.

 In order to design a novel product, we act to improve any available design in accordance with the expectations and the needs of our customers, who are the reason of our being, and to gain their trust and loyalty. 

With our representation in Asia, we will provide a full support to our distributor and users about our automated two-wherler parking systems. Please contact us anytime for further information.

Fully  Automated  Two  Wheeler  Parking Systems

what´s biceberg

what´s biceberg - ma-sistemas   company

biceberg is an automatic, underground, intelligent system of storage, parking and management, which receives and returns the bicycle at street level in less than 25 seconds. It also allows storage of items necessary for the use of the bicycle such as a rucksack, safety helmet, reflective elements, etc.

biceberg is the fastest and safest system on the market for the safekeeping of bicycles!!

how it works

It is guaranteed that your own bicycle can be picked up in the same conditions as the deposit, and it can be provided with as many accessories as you may need to ride safe and comfortably, and introduce the security elements, signals and own lighting.

The cyclist park is improved and also the user security to all intents and purposes

new biceberg asia, new features - SecureMyBike

 ma-systems is pleased to introduce to the Asian market a new model of cycle parking with requirements developed together with different "City Councils and governments" from important countries. 

 Our new project "biceberg asia" increase the storage capacity more than 200 bicycles reducing the occupation on the basement area. This is a new logical way of advantage storage to reduce less than 25 seconds of service time.

biceberg down catalog

biceberg down catalog - ma-sistemas   company

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